Woohoo! New Book from Phyllis Bourne!


I’m looking forward to digging into the latest book from the lovely and talented Phyllis Bourne.

I just got it in the mail and want to curl up with a glass of wine and read it in bed tonight.

6 thoughts on “Woohoo! New Book from Phyllis Bourne!”

    1. Phyllis, you know it is a good book when the characters are stuck in your head …. they really came to life for me. I also like how you made Erica walk that very fine line where you don’t like her, but you have some empathy for her …

  1. I took it to bed last night and read up to Chapter 16! I love the main character, Ali, I want her to be my best friend! I’m going to bring it to the pool today and finish it while my kids are in swim lessons!

  2. Thanks for reading me, Kristi! Glad you liked the story. Erica is the character who came to me first, and I built the story around her.

    LOL! Because I read your blog and am so inspired by it, I feel like we do know each other.

    1. Maybe we should all just plan a weekend getaway to NYC and hang out — you, stephanie and all the other bloggers we feel a connection with!

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