Style Inspiration from Novels

Over the years, I have found style and fashion inspiration by characters in novels.
Recently I revisited two of my favorite books: “Henry and June” by Anais Nin and her diary covering the same time period: 1931 to 1934.

Here is how June’s style is described by Anais in three instances:
“Then June came, all in black velvet, black cape and her hat with a feather shading her eyes.”

“Did any woman ever wear shabby shoes, a shabby black dress, a shabby blue cape and an old violet hat as she wore them?”

“June dark, secret under the brim of her Greta Garbo felt hat, heavy-caped, tragic and pale.”

Of course all these photos are of Uma Thurman playing June, but you get the idea.

I am a huge fan of Anais and Henry Miller. Once, as a reporter, I got a private tour of Miller’s home in Big Sur, overlooking the ocean, but that is a whole another story.

5 thoughts on “Style Inspiration from Novels”

  1. Polly,
    what a great surprise to hear from you. I remember touching base with you so often on FC! I’ve given up all my blog reading. I just can’t fit it in with the other things I want to do during my spare time.
    The shots are gorgeous, aren’t they. I love this movie. I think I’m going to put the DVD on my Christmas wish list!

  2. Uma looks stunning! I just love the drama in her clothing. I haven’t seen this movie–so I will check it out 🙂

  3. Great pics! Seeing as how velvet is so in fashion right now it’s nice to think that designers can draw style inspiration among other things from such great novels!

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