I used this second picture on FB during doppleganger week a while back …. when my hair and hers was longer. I really don’t think we look much alike. We both have slightly masculine features, although her lips are very voluptuous and mine are very Claire Bow.

5 thoughts on “Sofia!”

  1. Kristi,

    The French really love Sofia. I was in Paris very recently and in the lobby of our hotel, there were three or four copies of a French magazine with her on the cover. I wish I could remember the name for you. I leafed through it for a minute or two. There are some fantastic photos of her in that magazine. It must be the October or November issue. If I happen to find it, I’ll let you know.
    She isn’t beautiful in the way that most people think of beauty, but there is something about her that is classic and striking.


    1. Adrienne, please do let me know the names of the magazines. I love Sofia for so many reasons — Italian-American like me, an uber talented director, not ruined by growing up in a famous family, shuns Hollywood for European life — I could go on and on … she embodies effortless chic to me.
      Thanks so much. I think your hair looks great all the ways I’ve seen it — shorter and longer.
      You’re right. PS Its so much fun to hear about your plans on FB. Congratulions. Life is obviously good for you and its fun to see!

  2. Kristi,

    I looked and looked for that magazine online and could not find it anywhere. I could kick myself for not buying a copy while I was there.
    I forgot to tell you that I loved your makeover post. Your hair looks healthy and the length complements your pretty features. The makeup application was also spot-on – fresh and youthful.
    What a great birthday present to yourself.

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