Right Now I Am LOVING …

I love Clemence Poesy

* SUPER SOFT TEES with extra long sleeves that peek out from my cardigan and partially cover my hands

* My old, worn black knit gloves with the holey fingers

* My motorcycle boots which are only getting better each time I wear them and have some genuine lovable scuffs on them now

* My olive green vintage military bag (see previous post)

* * My EXTRA HUGE navy cashmere scarf I bought at Banana Republic last winter after eyeing it for three months and waiting for it to go on sale

* NAVY anything and everything — my favorite color and my new alternative to black. Although I wear navy and black together constantly lately.

5 thoughts on “Right Now I Am LOVING …”

  1. Kristi,

    I, too, love navy and black together.
    I’m wondering how you wear your large cashmere scarf. I like the way Clemence is wearing hers.

    And have you found a brand of long sleeve T’s that you can recommend? I have long arms and am always on the lookout for lengthy sleeves.



  2. Kristi, I love navy and black together, and would love to see some of your combinations.

    Adrienne, last year I bought several tissue tees at Target in black; super lightweight, very long sleeves, great neckline. Would love to find the same in navy blue. K, where did you get yours?

  3. I love the motorcycle boots – I really adore boots with a rough edge, especially when worn with one or two “girly” items. I can’t quite believe I’m saying this but I’m anxiously waiting for snow and slush, because I got a pair of rubber rain boots in just this style.

  4. A, if you scroll down, I think most of my recent pictures show me wearing black and navy together …. although it might be tough to see the colors in some of the pics.
    Adrienne, I usually wear Gap tees and buy one size up to get the longer length. I prefer slightly oversize tees lately.

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