On my nightstand/Nov. 19

On my nightstand


Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell (not shown, it is now on my dh’s nightstand!): I finished this book on the place last weekend. We are discussing it at my bookclub meeting tonight

The Road by Cormac McCarthy — I started this in Sedona and it has completely captured my imagination, but I have set it aside because I just had a bunch of library books I ordered come in.

Dreaming in French by Megan Mcandrew — I began this last night. I can’t wait to get back to it. It is about an American couple transplanted in Paris told from their daughter’s viewpoint (so far that’s what it is about!)

The Likeness by Tana French — I think I heard about this by The Evening Reader’s  blog (see righthandside). Looking forward to starting this, as well.

The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio  by Terry Ryan — my OTHER book club picked this last week for this month. Will have to get going on it. I have either already read it or tried to read it in the past. I’m sure I will remember which when I get started on it.

Slam by Nick Hornby — once again set aside until my library books are read.


We just finished the last episode in Season 1 of Battlestar Galactica last night. (on netflix). Now on to season 2!

I will be hitting the movie theater sometime this weekend for the second Twilight movie, even if I don’t know what is called off the top of my head, I’ll be there!


So far, I’ve been offered two opportunities to post on here for pay and turned them both down. The first was a while back and was about plastic surgery. The second came yesterday and they wanted me to write about — get this — crotchless panties. No thank you. I will, however, post something for pay in the future if I think it will be relevant or interesting or at least nonoffensive, to you, my readers. Thanks for understanding.

5 thoughts on “On my nightstand/Nov. 19”

  1. Crotchless panties? Good grief, what kind of blog do they think this is?? I’m also glad you turned down the plastic surgery offer.

    I’m impressed with how much you read. I read so much for work that, to be honest, it can be a real chore to do it for leisure. It’s not the great escape for me that it was for most of my life. Now, the escape is knitting.

    1. I think I’ll always be a bookworm. I was the little girl who came home from school and went to her room to read the rest of the afternoon …

  2. I can’t wait to hear about The Road. That’s on my TBR. I hope you love The Likeness! I think I may actually read it again soon. I really enjoy her writing.

  3. HA! Crotchless panties and plastic surgery?! That’s hilarious!! I promise not to be offended if you want to write about either or both of those…but I applaud you for turning them down!! 😉

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