On my nightstand/in my DVD player-July 6

On my nightstand this week:onmynightstand-003


I whipped through fellow blogger (www.fortyisthenew20.com) Phyllis Bourne Williams’ book “A Moment on the Lips”  — a very readable sweet love story.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have as much luck with the other books on my nightstand. I don’t know if it is my mood and I’m not in the mood for nonfiction, but I will be returning “Bella Lingua” and “The Audacity of Hope” to the library. I really, really want to read Obama’s book, but every time I picked it up, it didn’t hold my interest. It was even worse with Bella Lingua. To me,  it seemed like a text book you would read in a crash course before you moved to Italy. I just couldn’t get into it. Why can’t someone write a book about the Italians along the lines of all the fun books about the French (Entre Nous, French Women Don’t Get Fat, Two Lipsticks and a Lover)?

Happiness Sold Separately – I’m still enjoying this book. As I mentioned before, I pick it up whenever I don’t have a library book to read because I don’t have to return it to my SIL anytime soon.

The Historian — I haven’t even picked this up yet. A SIL loaned it to me. It looks too heavy to bring on the airplane when I go on vacation in a few days.


This week was not a big movie week. I watched “My House in Umbria” and that was it.


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  1. K, after reading this post I did some research on amazon.com and discovered “Living La Dolce Vita: Bring the Passion, Laughter and Serenity of Italy into Your Daily Life” by Raeleen D’Agostino Mautner. There’s also “Mediterranean Women Stay Slim, Too” which appears to be an Italian response to “French Women Don’t Get Fat.”

    Anyway, I typed in “italian women” as the keywords and those books–and several others–came up.

    1. Anneychic!
      You just mentioned one of my all-time favorite books, Living La Dolce Vita. I adore D’Agostino. You can see her book peeking out by my bible in my June 27 post. I have probably emailed her so many times she thinks I’m a stalker! : ) she also has a blog with weekly or semi-weekly tips. I just love the simplicity of her philosophy. I highly recommend her book. Also I did read Mediterranena Women Stay Slim, but it didn’t make as big an impression on me. And the book “La Bella Figura” was a huge disappointment to me. I should just do another search like you did and see if there is anything new out there … thanks for reminding me to do this.

  2. I usually read your blog first thing in the morning. Today, I sleepily stared at the photo and knew the book on top looked familiar, but it took me a minute to figure out it was mine. Glad you enjoyed it.

    Sigh. I also wish there were more Italian style books like Susan Sommers, Italian Chic, which was much better than her French Chic book.

    I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your daily posts. My dh has that brainy, effortless Obama-like cool. I always feel so un-put-together in comparison and thought the solution was in more (clothes, make-up, blah, blah, blah), but it’s actually in less.

    Your blog demonstrates a work-at-home woman’s version of the same kind of cool and has helped me tremendously.

  3. I’m glad you mentioned sunscreen, as I’ve been meaning to ask you how your trials were going. I’m still happy with my Neutrogena 55 SPF. What did you buy?

    Obama’s book is great, but summer is perhaps too lazy a time for it? I am reading Colette’s “Cheri” and “Le Fin de Cheri,” and am finding them just right.

    I think I mentioned “View from the Top” as a movie I’d recently put in my queue for its French connection? Watched it this past weekend. It was sort of a stinker. My husband said, “It’s so funny what you’re willing to sit through just for six minutes of Paris or Provence!” (I will always watch the episode of Brenda and Donna going to Paris on “90210” as well — and we all know what high art that show was!) Anyway, I wouldn’t really recommend “View from the Top” now that I’ve seen it.

    I saw “Cheri” a couple of weeks ago and loved it though. I can definitely recommend that.

    How old is your copy of “Elegance”? I wonder how it differs from the re-issues?

    I saw a cute book about Italian mamas at the bookstore about a week ago and thought of you, but just now when I searched for what I thought the title was on Amazon, I couldn’t find it. I will take a picture of the cover next time I go and let you know what it is. I thumbed through it and thought it seemed, at first blush, along the lines of “Entre Nous.”

    I bought “Living La Dolce Vita” on your recommendation, but haven’t read it yet.

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