As many of you know I have cut back on the blogs I read, but I make sure to check in with this one every day. I think you will love her, as well:

Dead Fleurette

Fleurette’s style has made me a huge Isabel Marant fan. My tan suede boots are a knockoff of her IM ones.

In addition, someone on the French Chic group just shared this awesome blog.

3 thoughts on “Inspirations”

  1. Your boots do look like the IM boots and seem to go with everything. I like her blog and very strict minimalism and approach to wardrobe building. I have a bit of a crush on the loafers she recently bought. I used to wear loafers a lot many years ago and am now thinking they are rather perfect.

  2. Can see why you love Fleurette’s blog; reminds me very much of Search for Chic/everything and nothingness. Miss her. The other looks fun/cute.

    1. Jade,
      I miss search for chic/everything and nothingness, too. I was so happy to see her second incarnation and then one day that disappeared, as well. Ohwell.

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