French Girls


What is it about French girls? I mean, apart from the casual nudity and the sexual confidence and the pouty self-assurance.  There are, of course, French girls out there with pasty skin and bad taste who dress like slappers and throw up on doormen — but they are not the French girls who haunt us. 

They aren’t the ones who lounge around wearing only (french) knickers, sipping coffee out of bowls while reading Simone de Beauvoir.  They aren’t the ones whose clothes are vintage or borrowed from their boyfriends (never too tight, never too revealing), who carry themselves like dancers and know how to sling on a scarf, just so. 

It’s the hair, tousled and natural; the way they pout their lips; the directness of the gaze; the fact that they are neither fat nor thin, just feminine, and supremely comfortable in their skin. 

 (Jennifer Aniston knows she looks good, but she doesn’t believe it like a French girl would.)  French girls may not have the quirky eccentricity of British girls, but they all share one thing: an unshakeable confidence in the power of their femininity, as nature intended it. 

Whatever their style, French girls never look masculine, trashy or enhanced.  They don’t wear sports gear or heavy make-up or visible thongs (they like proper silk lingerie, including slips).

And French girls don’t really go in for tooth bleaching or even fake tan — on the contrary, they like smudgy eyes brought on by too little sleep and too much smoking. 

 French girls have thick eyebrows, their own tooth enamel (not that they smile much) and more pubic hair than all of the Hollywood A list put together. 

 If they’re more intriguing to us than ever, it’s because, while the rest of the world continues down the overtly sexual path (Madonna’s Miss Whiplash routine, Cheryl Cole’s sheer dress), French girls remain the sexiest by a mile, without even tweaking the formula.

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  1. Oops. I guess I didn’t read the link I sent you thoroughly enough. I thought it was the original. I hope I didn’t offend the original poster.

    1. Don’t worry you didn’t offend anybody. It was a newspaper article. Thanks so much for your help in finding this. I now have the entire quote as well!

  2. Of course j’adore this post! It is my life’s quest to understand the ease in which French women are so naturally beautiful and confident!

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