6 thoughts on “Dreamy”

  1. Love the hair in the first two photos and the coat in photo 2. And also, strangely the lace and sheer jumpsuit in photo one. She pulls it off.

    1. Stephanie, I especially love the hair in the first photo. I would feel stark naked walking around in that outfit, but love it on her.

  2. The hair in the first photo is basically what I am going for when I chop mine off. Love that the women look self-possessed.

    1. Kalee,
      I’m a lurker on your blog and have been for quite a while (I remember your frugal cooking blog, too!) I think that style would look great on you with your features and hair. I think you are a very self-possessed woman as well, from what I’ve read and from your photos. Thanks for stopping by!

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