Bringing Italy home

Somewhere along the line, after moving constantly in search of the perfect large American city to live in, I realized that it didn’t matter where I lived. What mattered was the environment and lifestyle I created wherever I was. So, although I would love to live in Europe someday, specifically Italy, I know I can embrace much of the Italian lifestyle wherever I live.

I recently re-read Frances Mayes Bringing Tuscany Home and here are some inspiring passages I copied. (I have a journal I use to record words, sentences, pages, of inspiration from what I read. I’ve read that Sophia Loren does the same).

 Here’s Mayes:

“From the beginning, we began to bring Tuscany home. Pillows. Parmigiano … Wine. Duvet covers . . . Then we began to bring home something more lasting — a mind-set, a way of being in the world.”

“We have a tribe of Italian friends … who show us by example, the pleasure of living everyday life in this bellissimo landscape. The first revelation from these friends — and the most influential — center on home and friends and the table, the focus of celebration.

“Tuscans passionately love whatever plot of terra they live on and cultivate every inch with flowers and vegetables. They thrive on their local markets … Food, in Italy, is not cult but culture.

 “In all my years in Italy, I’ve never once heard food connected to guilt. The pleasure of eating and drinking are never tortured into pyschological struggles.”

 “We have always been astonished at how easily friends in Italy seem to produce a dinner for 10. Partly that’s because Italian food is simple. Few ingredients comprise each dish and the ingredients are top quality.”