Blue Velvet

The incomparable Isabella

Do any of you have a color and a fabric that sums you up?

I do.

It has always been, and it will always be, Blue Velvet.

I have owned some version of a navy blue velvet blazer for the past 25 years.

I love the movie Blue Velvet and definitely went through a David Lynch phase. But that’s not why blue velvet speaks to me so poignantly.To me, blue velvet says Paris in the 20s. It says Greenwich Village in the 30s. It says pernod and absinthe. It says Henry and June Miller. It speaks of dimly lit dance halls and bustling cafes filled with artists and writers. ┬áIt evokes romance, sensuality and mystery to me.

What fabric and color speaks to you?

Similar to my New Year's Eve Dress

11 thoughts on “Blue Velvet”

  1. A.A. — absolutely. I think you would look stunning in a red silk cocktail dress (maybe with your black leather motorcycle jacket casually thrown over your shoulders). Valentine’s Day is coming up — get mystery photograper/boyfriend extraordinaire on it!

  2. An excellent choice for you! It’s dramatic yet classic and very chic. I think I have two fabrics, for decor, white linen, for clothing, charcoal grey cashmere. If I could wear cashmere all year round I would.

  3. Velvet is one of my favorite winter fabrics. I have a purple velvet blazer that I adore! I remember reading about your velvet cape in your book. So luxe!

    1. Tine,
      it’s so soft and lovely, but it’s black not blue … I’ve seen some great ones on etsy and ebay lately.
      hope you are well

  4. I’m a purple and silver girl. A violet silk crepe grecian dress is my dream dress-up outfit- except that I have no place to wear it!

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