bella casa


The motivation for this post was my laptop dying and then coming back to life miraculously after the PC tech said it’s gone, sorry, everything on your computer is lost and you should just throw it in the trash. I spent a night mourning all the pictures, files, writing I had not backed up. The next morning, I decided to give it one more try before I threw it in the dumpster. It still gave me the black screen. I thought, “OK, once more.” This time it rebooted like there had  never been anything wrong here. (Making the sign of the cross!) so I instantly made copies of everything important to me. This, however, was not something that counts as “important” but it was a file that makes me dream and smile, so I decided to post all these pictures on my blog. Enjoy and comment if you are moved to do so. And God, and everyone else, forgive me for not having attribution for these beautiful pictures and beautiful homes. Long live the laptop with 9 lives!!!!



My French Corner and her wonderful pantry!

7 thoughts on “bella casa”

  1. I’m happy to hear your laptop came back to life. That must have been an awful feeling when you thought all was lost.

    I love the photo of the people gathered around the dining table and the two people kissing in the kitchen….but they are all lovely. Thank you for sharing them with us.


    1. Thanks for the kind thoughts Adrienne, but it was a brief reprieve. I had just enough time to backup all my writing and photos and then the next day it died for good. I’m on a new laptop and hope it has a nice, long life. Meanwhile, I’m crazy busy working so I can pay for my new laptop.

  2. Kristi – beautiful photos! So inviting.

    Glad you got your computer to come back to life. I just purchased a new one as mine was starting to show signs that it was on its last legs and I was afraid of losing everything (I’m very bad about backing up).

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