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Years ago I maintained this blog on a daily basis and at one point, some readers said that if I wrote a book, they’d buy it. Thus, La Bella Figura, was born.

Recently, I’ve revisited the book and republished it.

Here are what some reviewers have to say about it:

Why do I love this book and the way author Kristi approaches life so much? I’ve been thinking about it, and I think it is because she is genuine and authentic. She expresses her point of view well, which is that she chooses to live a Italian-style life, on a trim budget, in the US. I have learned many great tips from this book and loved peeking into Kristi’s life. She comes across measured and sensible, but her ideas always produce a frisson of excitement inside me, because they are fun and easy. I always think ‘I could do that!’ and then ‘I think I’ll do it now!’ Kristi’s message of living La Bella Figura on a budget is so important now when many of us are looking for ways to live well without spending a lot of money. Thank you Kristi for sharing your wisdom and passion with us. – Fiona Ferris of Thirty Chic Days.


I absolutely loved this book! It inspires me to elevate my everyday life into an art form and cultivate a chic, simple and European lifestyle right here at home. Most importantly, the author explains how to do this without spending more, but instead spending less, owning less and as a result, having less stress. I really enjoyed topics like presenting your best in all areas and slowing down to enjoy life while appreciating simple pleasures. This book is an inspiring read! – Stephanie H.
This book you can read very quickly. She writes very honestly and with a great sense of humor. I’ve read many books along the lines of what she’s trying to say but her approach seems doable. I even adapted her meal ideas and plan! I think you will find her ideas easy to adapt. – Gabriella


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  1. Kristi, I received your book Wednesday and finished it last night. It was wonderful! I am also in the French Chic Group and couldn’t wait to read it since I always enjoy your posts. You did not disappoint.

    Thank you,
    Darelene Renee

  2. Kristi,

    I’m a long time member of the French Chic group. I bought your book as I wanted to read about someone who had actually implemented changes in their lives to live a more european lifestyle. Your book was very good; more like talking to a good friend over coffee than just boring text. I will recommend it to my friends.

    Pamela Walsh

    1. Pamela,
      Thanks so much. I really appreciate you taking the time to write me and let me know. Thank you so much also for buying it and recommending it. I am so flattered by all the positive responses to it. : )

  3. Kristi,

    I loved your book as well! Since I adore almost everything about Italy so much, I have come to desire a European-inspired lifestyle for years now. I see what you mean when you define fare la bella figura by not only putting your best foot forward in every situation, but also consciously choosing to live a personal value-driven life. You also illustrate it so well as this little book was an absolute pleasure to read. I have read shelves full of travel narratives based in Italy, and books about the Italians, and still have found tips in your book I have yet to come across. I can hardly wait to try some of them out! Right now, I am particularly interested in cultivating a wardrobe primarily consisting of classic, timeless staples, which I can still make my very own. Your tips will certainly help me in my style evolution.

    Grazie mille!

    1. Michelle,
      Thank you so much. If you have time, would you mind putting something like this on the Lulu site if it is not too much trouble? I’m so glad you were inspired!
      I have the same issue — giving myself permission to wear my nice things. I have a velvet blazer I need to make myself wear more instead of saving it. Thanks for reading!

    2. Grazie Mille to you Michelle,
      Thank you so much for the review. I really appreciate it. Please keep me updated on your wardrobe and style evolution. I feel like mine is constantly evolving and ongoing. I think it helps a lot ot have this blog and see outfits as others might.
      Again, thank you so much!

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